Background / Our Story

Founded in 1998, we aim to provide the best of our products and services to our customers in the world of refrigeration and food processing machines. We established an in-depth understanding of the market spanning over twenty years and collaborated with corporates and manufacturers across the world to ensure the best of quality in each and every product and services. We also provide a one stop solution for setting up professional engineering refrigeration system, tailored specifically to your needs.

After nearly two decades of experience in this industry, we have expanded our expertise in fields of vacuum packaging and industrial racking, in addition to refrigeration and food processing machines. Our venture into overseas market such as Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, and Singapore, results in worldwide customers that keep returning to us because of our quality products and services.

Our highly qualified team, with years of experience and training, are able to design, produce, install, and provide after-sales services readily for all products range: industrial refrigeration system, insulated panel system, racking solutions, food processing machines and vacuum packaging machines. Comprising of engineers, designers, technicians, project coordinator, business development manager, with the seamless cooperation between front end and back end team, we will satisfy your needs by offering customized and precise solution in each specific case.

At Bestworld, we stand by each and every product that bears our name and our name says it all.


To be recognized globally as a trusted partner, drive innovation, and deliver turnkey automation solutions across markets.


We are dedicated to offering competitively priced food processing and packaging automation solutions, robotics technology, 

and revolutionary flexible packaging to our customers to elevate food sector to global standards by enhancing hygiene, quality, and efficiency.


1. Excellence:

       We strive for excellence in everything we do, maintaining high standards, continuously improving, and
committing to achieving the best results. We believe that excellence is the foundation of our success and innovation.

2. Passion:

       Passion fuels our work. We approach every endeavor with passion, enthusiasm, and dedication.  

       It’s this passion that drives our innovation and inspires us to make a positive impact in all that we undertake.

3. Believe:

       We believe in our mission, our team, and our ability to make a difference. This unwavering belief inspires our
actions and drives us to overcome challenges, achieve excellence, and create a better future for all stakeholders.


Elevating Excellence, Inspiring Possibilities