Industrial Refrigeration System

Keeping food fresh is always number one priority for all food manufacturers and distributors. Here at Bestworld, we provide customised refrigeration solutions to ensure the freshness of food products. Our design adopt energy saving technology to maximise efficiency. By incorporating a variety of machines, freezers, and chillers, our solutions are specifically designed to accommodate and fulfil each of your requirements and needs.

Cold Storage

  • Use centralised refrigeration system
  • Comprise of compressor and an innovative control system.
  • Use remote monitoring to regulate parameters via phone or computer.
  • We can help to troubleshoot problems using the remote monitoring system
  • Greatly minimizes power consumption, enhances efficiency, thus reducing cost of maintenance in the long run.
  • Our cold storage is extensively used in cold chain logistics, beverage, fruits and vegetable, seafood and poultry industries.
  • Adopt latest refrigeration technology using natural refrigerant, emphasizing environmental friendly operation.

Ice Machines

  • Hygiene of ice is ensured
  • Uses ammonia or halocarbon refrigerant which are environmental friendly
  • Can be installed on land or onboard vessel with a wide range of power options
  • Thickness of ice can be changed by changing speed of rotor
  • Encased in high r-value polyurethane insulation with a molded fiberglass cover to increase energy efficiency and eliminate corrosion
  • Various ice ranging from flake ice, tube ice, plate ice, cube ice and block ice.

Quick Freezing Equipment

  • A method of food preservation for scale food production industrial purposes
  • Foodare frozen quickly at low temperatures
  • This instant quick freezing draw out all water from the food, preventing growth of bacteria
  • Easy to clean components
  • Stainless steel design and welding ensures the hygiene of food product