Insulated Panels System

Loading and unloading is one of the inevitable process through industrial enclosures. At Bestworld, we offer solutions for docking and paneling system, facilitating the process of moving goods in and out of the warehouse. We guarantee precise, efficient, and safe installations and products that complies safety standards, satisfying your needs.

Insulated Panel

  • Uniform density and high rigidity
  • High insulation properties
  • Has air tight fire rated joint
  • Fire resistance certified
  • The double tongue and groove edge ensures precise locking which eliminates the risk of thermal bridging and provides an air-tight joint between the panels
  • High durable polyester coating is suitable for increased resistance against corrosion
  • Has food safe coating which is suitable for internal applications for contact level food safety

Dock Leveler

  • Have an emergency stop function
  • An anti-fall safety valve inside the hydraulic cylinder
  • Use hydraulic system to couple perfectly onto the platform of the truck
  • Perfect solution for ensuring optimal insulation due to the length of the adjustable retractable
  • All shafts are protected from corrosion using a passivized, zinc electrolytic coating

Dock Shelter

  • Dock shelter is formed by the perimeter structure that holds a set of canvas that adapt to the truck’s body
  • This enables the canvas to be folded during incorrect manoeuvre, reducing the need for repair
  • Has an inclined design at the top of the shelter to ensure that rainwater runs off freely
  • Adds flexibility in loading and unloading operations with vehicles of different sizes.
  • Isolateds installation during transferring of goods to save energy and increase comfort of work area.
  • All dock shelters are provided with vertical reflective bands to avoid collisions that damages trucks and facilities