Meat Processing Solution

Bestworld is one of the leading suppliers of food processing equipment in regions of Southeast Asia. Since industrial revolution, food processing is extremely important so that high quality processed food is produced to supply the nutrients needed by humans. Here at Bestworld, we provide a one stop solution for manufacturing processed food such as fishball, meatball, sausage and nuggets. We design and build the food processing lines, meeting up to all HACCP meeting up to international and meeting up to international standards, ensuring the best products quality being produced. Whether you need a single machine or an entire processing line, Bestworld has all the equipments and ingredients needed for high quality production.


  • Advanced multi-functional Smokehouse.
  • Has computerized auto control mode using big touch screen.
  • Parameters can be shown in one control interface
  • It is connected with computer and printer that can control the smokehouse remotely and print out the recipes
  • 100 recipes can be stored
  • Unique Air Circulation System, Imported Material, Imported Key Control Components, Smoking Generator System
  • Independent Smoking Generator or Smoking generator installed inside the door;
  • Adopt advanced inner circulation smoke generating system that even can generate smoke in low oxygen state.
  • Effective Auto-Cleaning System

Vacuum Tumbler

  • Adopts PLC, soft startups, and touch screen control that can store 100 formulations.
  • Different parameters can be set according to different products
  • Propeller is designed distinctively with positive rotation for rolling, kneading and knocking and inversion for massage
  • Vacuum intake. Meat output in inverse rotation. Breathing-style process designed to make sure rolling and kneading under both vacuum and regular state to shorten processing time.
  • Refrigeration vacuum tumbler has interlayer freeze
  • Suitable for various kind of products such as fish, pork, beef, etc.

Bowl Cutter

  • Adopts casting stainless steel with anti-overflow pan edge to avoid flash overflow
  • Bearing seal adopt 4 modes to avoid bearing failure
  • The electric appliance case is installedseparately, ensuring good air tightness, and waterproof and moisture protection
  • Maximum speed can reach up to 4500rpm
  • Vacuum bowl cuter can cut,mix and emulsify the row meat material under vacuum state, preventing nutrition from oxidizing

Vacuum Meat Mixer

  • Adopts SUS304 which is in compliance with HACCP standard
  • Uses double shaft fan shape propeller
  • Has good mixing and agitating effect
  • Under the vacuum state, materials are mixed and agitated by double shaft fan-shape propeller after materials have been expanded under the pressure. The materials will be mixed sufficiently.
  • JBFZ Vacuum Mixer uses double shaft ellipse and helix paddle, can mix the material in radial direction and perform axial backflow, so that can mix material completely and reach the perfect mixing effect.
  • The drive system of this machine is designed by gear reducer, can ensure the machine run smoothly with low noise.

Meat Slicer

  • Can process various raw meat with cut and slice function
  • Has PLC program control for convenient operation and adjustable knife speed
  • Has special designed table to put frozen meat to reduce labor work
  • Capacity of up to 200 cuts per minute
  • No need to pre-frozen to cut the meat, ensuring high quality of food product
  • Cuts using motor power at nearly 100%

Meat Grinder

  • Adopts German technology and is changeable with imported cutters
  • Uses double feeding screw, each feeding screw can work independently with two different speeds
  • It can grind frozen or fresh meat and vegetable. And it has sinew-extracting function
  • The fast dismantle handle can easily pull out feeding screws for change or cleaning

Continuous Fryer 

In progress…more are coming soon