Industrial Racking Solution

The backbone of every warehouse, manufacturing center, or distributing center is the storage facility that it uses. It is essential to store products in an organized and systematic way to facilitate loading and unloading process with efficiency. With years of hands-on experience, we offer custom-designed shelving solutions for industrial racking, leaving your warehouse better organized than before.

AS/RS Racking

  • AS/RS (automated storage and retrieval system) uses computer automation for placing and retrieving loads from specific locations
  • Applied to standard and non standard loads.
  • Especially made for small stock items that requires high volume throughput and operation
  • Programmable computerized aisle staking cranes are used to retrieve and store loads
  • The computerized cranes greatly enhances the efficiency and accuracy of the process, also vastly reduce the possibility of human error throughout the operation
  • It also improves the security and reduces the risk of potential thefts.
  • Greatly improves energy saving efficiency with its reduced dependency on personnel operator inside the cold storage facility

Radio Shuttle Racking

  • High density storage racking system that uses electrical pallet runners and forklifts
  • The radio controlled shuttle car transport the goods and stove the pallets, optimizing each lane
  • The forklift trucks only need to load/unload on the picking faces without needing to drive in.
  • This maximizes the use of the warehouse and promotes flexibility compared to other traditional storage styles
  • It provides a safer working environment and is suitable for chilled warehouse and FCMG distribution system.
  • Support FIFO & FILO operation

Pushback Racking

  • Uses gravity to move the pallets
  • When the front pallet is removed, the subsequent pallets will automatically slide flow to the front
  • We offer storage for 2-4 pallet deep and the height is typically 5 pallets high
  • This improves storage density and operation efficiency
  • A low damage environment is established as forklift never enter the rack
  • All lanes can be accessed from the aisle at any time irrespective of the storage levels.