Background / Our Story

Founded in 1998, we aim to provide the best of our products and services to our customers in the world of refrigeration and food processing machines. We established an in-depth understanding of the market spanning over twenty years and collaborated with corporates and manufacturers across the world to ensure the best of quality in each and every product and services. We also provide a one stop solution for setting up professional engineering refrigeration system, tailored specifically to your needs.

After nearly two decades of experience in this industry, we have expanded our expertise in fields of vacuum packaging and industrial racking, in addition to refrigeration and food processing machines. Our venture into overseas market such as Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, and Singapore, results in worldwide customers that keep returning to us because of our quality products and services.

Our highly qualified team, with years of experience and training, are able to design, produce, install, and provide after-sales services readily for all products range: industrial refrigeration system, insulated panel system, racking solutions, food processing machines and vacuum packaging machines. Comprising of engineers, designers, technicians, project coordinator, business development manager, with the seamless cooperation between front end and back end team, we will satisfy your needs by offering customized and precise solution in each specific case.

At Bestworld, we stand by each and every product that bears our name and our name says it all.

Corporate Vision Statement

To be a technological innovation engineering service provider in the region

Corporate Mission Statement

To be a technological innovation engineering service provider in the region

  • Provide reliable technical solutions, equipment and services to fulfil our customer needs
  • Create opportunities and possibilities for the development of employees’ potential.
  • Ensure return on capital invested for the shareholders
  • To develop close relationship with the supply chain stakeholder
  • To promote the values that are consistent with the corporate social responsibility

Corporate Core Values

We conducting business guided by our core values – THINK BE HAPPY: Trust, Human Resource, Integrity, Networking, Knowledge, Be Present Moment, Enthusiasm, Humble, Artistry, Praise, Prudence, Yes.

Using the acronym above, each letter stands for a core value that is integrated into our company culture:

T – Trust

We trust each HODs and colleague in our team to fulfil their responsibility and make wise decisions.

H – Human Resources

We value each human resource and prioritise staff welfare, team building, and recognise working capabilities of each staff.

I – Integrity

We deliver as we promised.

N – Networking

We promote a healthy and friendly working environment to foster close relationships among and beyond members of the company.

K – Knowledge

We often attend and organise trainings to deepen our knowledge and skills in the field.

B – Be In The Present Moment

To have the awareness and consciousness of what is going on at the current moment, instead of being subservient to one’s emotions and mood.

E – Enthusiasm

To be passionate about our job, giving the best that we can provide.

H – Humble

Accept each and every one of the team without arrogance and pride.

A – Artistry

Having artistic activities to create a better environment, at the same time cultivate creativity to think out of the box to solve problems.

P – Prudence

To treat each and every small matter with caution, emphasising on shrewdness in management of the affairs.

P – Praise

To recognise each strength and forte, creating an environment full of positivity.

Y – Yes

To always be prepared to take up a new challenge/ project, driving the company to a new summit.