Tray Sealer With Vacuum

  • There are two types of tray sealer: semi automatic and automatic
  • Tray package maintains product shape without deformation problems
  • The machine is made of stainless steel while its mold is made of aluminium with antioxidant treatment
  • It can be programmed with data up to 10 set-ups, and each group can operate individually.
  • The semi-automatic model offers two types of packaging: Vacuum/nitrogen and sealed packaging
  • The automatic model offers three types of packaging: Vacuum / nitrogen, vacuum / skin pack, and sealed packaging
  • The automatic model consists of an outdoor security vacuum cover that shuts down the machine immediately when the electrical box is opened.
  • We offer a lot of models to accommodate different tray sizes that are able to work with date injecting, date thermal printing, labelling, aligner feeder, and etc.
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